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Employer Webinars

Skillsroad partnered up with psychologist Danielle Buckley to present these employer webinars, to help you create a positive workplace and be a winning employer.

A Mentally Healthy State of Mind
NRL's David Shillington and Registered Psychologist Danielle Buckley, presented by our partners at Apprenticeship Support Australia, to delve into the importance of good mental health and explore a number of strategies you can apply in your everyday life.
Skillsroad 2017 Youth Census - Live Discussion

Apprenticeship Support Australia General Manager James Moran and Psychologist Danielle Buckley dissect the Skillsroad 2017 Youth Census results.

Download the report here

Create a winning workplace with Skillsroad
Work place Psychologist Danielle Buckley presented a free Apprenticeship Careers Australia Employer webinar aiming to help Employers 'Create a winning workplace'. 
2018 Youth Census Wellbeing Webinar

Psychologist Danielle Buckley discusses how understanding the different experiences of youth in Australia can impact their pathway choice and wellbeing when transitioning between school and life afterwards. 

Download the report here

How Skillsroad can benefit your business
Our expert Coaching Psychologist Danielle Buckley alongside ASA General Manager James Moran presented a webinar to discuss the tools and resources available on Skillsroad.
Building A Job-Ready Workforce
Work place Psychologist Danielle Buckley presented a free Skillsroad Employer webinar aiming to help Employers 'Build a Job-Ready Workforce'.