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What is Skillsroad?

We’re all for the S-words. Like, skills (sharpening them). Strengths (our sources of success). Space (to explore and survive as many experiences as possible). Soul-searching (to find out what makes you tick). Skillsroad wants youth not just to survive, but to flourish. And we do this by helping you:  

  • Secure your skills: use our resources to dip into the world of work and get a clearer picture of what life after Year 12 is really like. You have many options: we help you discover them.​​

  • Secure your strengths: explore your natural skills, passions and which industries, careers and education pathways are best for YOU, using tools such as the Skillsroad Career Quiz, Job Fit Test and 360֯ VR workplace. 

  • Secure your space: be empowered to take the next step into the world of work and start forging your own path.

Our mission is to empower young people, along with their parents, teachers and future employers, to feel confident and supported taking the first steps of their career journey.

We work to gain comprehensive insights into exactly what it is that youth are thinking about and feeling during this major transition. We find the barriers holding youth back from beginning their career journey, and help parents, teachers and future employers work with young jobseekers and recent school leavers to move past those barriers.

  • Tried-and-tested proprietary tools developed in conjunction with psychologists and industry experts, including the Skillsroad Career Quiz, the Job Fit Test, 360 Virtual Workplace and loads more.
  • A top-notch Jobs Board where employers can post their high-quality entry-level roles specifically for young people.
  • We’re not in it for the money – Skillsroad’s tools are all free and not-for-profit.
  • Tangible results– 350 000 (and counting) youth, educators, parents and employers have signed up to benefit from what we offer.
  • Effective connection of employers with young talent via the Skillsroad Jobs Board, one of the best Australian Job Boards for entry-level positions.
  • A library of unique and practically useable resources for parents, teachers and employers to help them support youth better in navigating their career planning and finding a meaningful future career path.


The Careers Quiz
The Job Fit Test
The Jobs Board

There’s gotta be one, right? Nope.

We’re doing this because we want young Australians to feel empowered when making decisions about their careers and educational pathways. We do this because we know parents and educators sometimes need some extra support to make sure the youth in their care have the support they need. And we do this because we want employers to stop complaining about “no job-ready youth out there!” by introducing them to Australia’s best job-ready talent on our Jobs Board. (That’s you, BTW.)

Why do all this? For the good of our society, economy, business productivity and employee health and happiness. Simple. (Did we mention it’s all for free?)

Skillsroad is an initiative of My Business and is backed nationally by the Australian chamber movement. The Australian chamber movement represents over 300,000 businesses and collectively has a vested interest in effectively transitioning school leavers and new talent into the labour force through meaningful and fulfilling career pathways.

Brought to you by My Business, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia and the Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

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