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Navigating Subject Selection

Choosing high school subjects is a significant part of your teenager's life. Their subject choices can impact their future career pathway, and can prove tricky to choose. Your support to help your teen navigate through the various options and points to consider is vital. 

Tips for helping your teen select their secondary school subjects:

  1. Discuss which subjects they do or don't enjoy.
  2. Look at the subjects in which they do best, and the ones they struggle with.  
  3. Assess the options available at their school.
  4. Are there subjects they must study: either because they are compulsory, or necessary to qualify for their chosen tertiary course or career?
  5. Chat about their interests and talents outside of school. Although you want your children to look to the future and choose subjects that will help them towards a career they are interested in, they should also consider what they are passionate about. A student is far more likely to succeed in these subjects than in those they feel they 'must' study.
  6. Encourage your child to talk to their teachers, especially those who teach the subjects they are interested in. This will help them get a feel for what the course content includes.
  7. Discuss the range of subjects your child is considering. Will it keep their career options open in future?
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