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Government & Defence

If you enjoy complex problem solving, and are a critical thinker who is good at communicating with people and undertaking administrative tasks, then the Public Administration and Safety sector might have a career pathway for you.

The Public Administration and Safety industry is primarily made up of Federal, State and Local Government legislative, executive and legal agencies. These bodies provide physical, social, economic and general public safety and security services and are charged with enforcing regulations.

Maybe you have always dreamt about being a Police or Ambulance officer, or want to work in a role that services members of the public. Perhaps you are interested in public policy, legislation and regulation. The Public Administration and Safety sector offers opportunities in these and many other fascinating areas. Check out the list of occupations below.

Training & Qualifications

vocational education & training (VET)

Many occupations require formal qualifications at a degree level, as well screening requirements that relate to suitability. Some examples of pathways and qualifications include:

Prison Officers
  • Certificate III in Correctional Practice
  • Certificate IV in Correctional Practice


Fire and Emergency Workers
  • Certificate II in Public Safety 
  • Certificate III in Public Safety
  • Certificate IV in Public Safety


  • Diploma of Public Safety (Policing)
  • Advanced Diploma of Public Safety and/or Bachelor of Policing *

* Some occupations in this industry require further registration or licensing that is not a part of any formal qualification you study. In addition, you may be required to undergo special screening for your role e.g Valid Police Clearance and Defence Security Clearances.

more about vocational education & training

Careers in this industry

Fire and Emergency Workers Inspectors and Regulatory Officers Local Council Officer Police Policy and Planning Managers
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