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Call Centre & Customer Service

If you’re good with dealing with people, then this job might be up your alley. Working in the Call Centre & Customer Service industry involves taking phone, internet or email enquiries and complaints, help solve the customer’s needs. In this type of role, it’s important to put the needs of other ahead of yours. You may be dealing with some difficult customers who are unhappy with the products & services of your organisation, so it’s your job to make them happy and pursued them remain a customer. It is both challenging and rewarding work. Careers in this industry may also involve managing a team of people, it is important to be a person who is supportive and caring but also be able to motivate and drive your team to deliver results.

Training & Qualifications

vocational education & training (VET)

​The types of courses and qualifications you can use to make a career in this industry begin at the Certificate II level and progress to Certificate IV and diploma level. However you may be able to secure an entry level call centre job with school level qualifications.

To gain exposure into the industry, it’s best to explore:

  • Certificate II in Customer Contact
  • Certificate III in Customer Contact
  • Certificate IV in Customer Contact
  • Diploma of Customer Contact


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Careers in this industry

Call Centre Agent Call Centre Manager Customer Service Manager
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