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Advertising, Arts & Media


If you enjoy dealing with people, working in a creative field, then this industry could be the place for you. The Advertising, Arts & Media encompasses a wide range of professionals; from traditional advertising including television and radio, through to photography, arts and dance.

Specific skills you will need may depend on which profession you take on, but to succeed in this industry you’ll need to be someone who enjoys working as part of a team. Your day to day activities will involve working with your colleagues to achieve the best results so you’ll need to be a good team player and someone that is easy to get along with.

With so much variety on offer there are a number of careers that you can embark on (see list of occupations below).

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Advertising, Arts & Media

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Training & Qualifications

Training and study options for this industry can include Apprenticeships and Traineeships (including school-based options), VET and University pathways. You can also build on your initial qualifications and work experience to gain advanced qualifications. Entry level courses include:

  • Certificate IV in Visual Arts
  • Diploma of Visual Arts
  • Certificate II in Live Production, Theatre and Events
  • Certificate III in Community Dance, Theatre and Events, Certificate III in Dance, Certificate III in Assistant Dance Teaching
  • Certificate IV in Dance Teaching and Management, Certificate IV in Community Culture, Diploma of Musical Theatre, Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management
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Careers in this industry

Advertising and Sales Managers Artistic Directors, Media Producers & Presenters Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors Journalists and Other Writers Performing Arts Technicians Photographers Photographic Developers & Printers Visual Arts and Crafts Professionals Visual Merchandisers Signwriters Actors, Dancers & Other Entertainers Music Professionals
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