Why You Shouldn’t Skip Uni Lectures

Why You Shouldn’t Skip Uni Lectures
7 March 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
You’ll start your days at uni with a spring in your step and the motivation to listen and learn your goal will be to attend all of your lectures, until one day the shine seems to diminish a little and you cut a class one week, then two the next, until you are lucky to attend one class a week.
It’s a dangerous territory to step into, while you may be expecting the world the feedback is that most lecturers just read off their notes, blazing through all the information and sometimes looking up to see if anyone has fallen asleep. Sure, most universities now record the lectures so you can listen to them in an hour that is more convenient to you, but life gets in the way and even finding the time to try and listen to that might slip away from your week when it is full of work, uni and catching up with friends.

The truth is by staying home or not attending lectures you are missing out on the interactive parts and unable to participate in discussions which are vital for your learning, so our advice is stay in uni kids and attend your lectures, here are the top reasons why you should make attending class a priority:

Attending lectures inspires and motivates you

Most lecturers will do their best to establish connections and build conceptual framework, there will be structure and experiences taught along the way that you just won’t get from listening to the recordings or reading the slides at a later date.

You will have to cram less at the end of semester for exams and assignments

We all know the last minute cram session doesn’t get you the best results, it has been proven that spreading out your study is much more effective when that test or assignment comes around. Plus, you’ll lose sleep, they are called all-nighters for a reason!

You’ve already paid to study each unit so why not take advantage of it? 

There is no doubt about it, Uni is expensive! Each unit costs you hundreds of dollars and you’ve already pre-paid in advance so what a waste of all that cash money if you don’t actually attend! It’s like that gym membership you bought but never use… 

I hate to break it to you, but you are bound to fall behind

Life just gets in the way sometimes, trying to juggle study, life, parties, family catch ups and dinners with friends is no easy feat and why you may have the best intentions to catch up on your class studies in most cases you will either forget or just not be able to find the time. So being present and attending class (as well as sticking to a routine) is 100% the best way to stay on top of your studies and work load.

The lecture will have valuable content to teach you in class that just won’t be on the online slides

I know some of your teachers are boring the hell out of you but there will also be a majority who are thinking outside the box to teach you in an interactive way, that is engaging and inclusive. Catching up by reading slides or listening to the lecture isn’t going to give you the benefits of that teacher that goes that extra mile. Building repour with your teacher and class mates can only be achieved  by attending class, it will also give you the chance to chat to the lecturer about anything you don’t understand plus it’s less than an hour out of your life, I’m sure you can handle it! 

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