Didn’t get the offer for your first choice in UAC?

Didn’t get the offer for your first choice in UAC?
8 January 2018    Lisa Clark    0 comments
It’s a cruel world sometimes... No matter how much you studied, preparation you did and the late night cram sessions can ensure you got the marks you wanted and that in itself can be crushing. But please know it is not the end of the world, take some time out to feel upset, hurt or angry but then pull yourself together and remember that you still have options, a lot of them!

Option 1: Chat to a career advisor

Career advisors at universities can help with short listing your options after the main round of offers, there are many avenues to still get into the course you want, you may just have to take a different path. A career advisor is in the know and can give you a list of ideas and information to help you decide your next steps. 

Option 2: Explore alternative entry schemes

A lot of university’s will give you the opportunity to prove that you are able to study at your desired level by doing an in-depth assessment of your extracurricular achievements and educational background, this means that even if your ATAR wasn’t exactly where it needed to be to get you into your chosen course there is still hope! Prepare a portfolio which includes all of your academic achievements, any performances or auditions you may have done, written referrals from your teachers or sports coaches and collate everything to reflect your entire journey in education.  

Option 3: Find another pathway into a degree 

In most cases Diploma level qualifications provide full credit pathways into bachelor programs, so start to look at private colleges or online courses that can open the door to a degree qualification. 

Option 4: Study at another university and transfer 

Why not look into studying a similar degree to the one you missed out on then transfer over to the university you first wanted after completing your first year? You may even find you actually enjoy the university you are at or the course you are undertaking and stay put but the option is there. 

Option 5: Pursue your passion 

There is no point in doing anything in life that you aren’t passionate about, especially when it comes to learning. There will be too many hours spent studying, doing assessments and sitting through classes so it’s imperative you love what you are doing, this could also help you when it comes time to interview for entry into university as the passion of a candidate is often taken into consideration along with your academic history and ATAR. 

Image credit: Photo by Tim Gouw from Pexels 

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