10 Things You’ll Miss When You Finish High School

10 Things You’ll Miss When You Finish High School
11 October 2017    Phil Cookson    0 comments
“No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks, when the teacher rings the bell, drop your bag and run like hell”.
We used to recite this rhyme all the time, then one day it was all over. School had finished, we awaited our UIE marks, drew on each other’s uniforms, gave each other flowers and homemade cards and then, just like that it was all over...
High School is a time in your life that will never be repeated again, most of us would wish away our days, just waiting for the day that we finish our higher school studies and be thrust into the “real world” but the real world isn’t always what we make it out to be in our heads, #adulting is hard sometimes and there are sure to be somethings you’ll miss when you leave the safety of the school walls.
Here are the top 10 things you’re probably going to miss from your high school days:
  1. Your parents writing you notes for anything and everything

Gone are the days where a note will get you out of finishing your assignment on time or being sick for the day. You are now responsible for ensuring you aren’t tardy to class, that your assessments are handed in on time and if you miss class you catch up on ALL of the work that week. Your parent’s excuses are no longer valid to get you out of trouble... Told you adulating was hard… 
  1. Your time table (and life) being organized for you

So you know you now have to make time to eat lunch and go the gym in your back to back day right? Yup, no longer is your school day broken down to 6 periods with a dedicated break for recess and lunch. Most days you will beating on the run while you hustle to get to your next class, o if you are heading into the work force some days you won’t even get time to have lunch. (Shock, horror right!?)
  1. Catch ups with the girl gang in between periods

A lot can happen in a period and if your BFF wasn’t in your class then you probably used to catch her in between classes to organise lunch hangs and to let her know that your boy-crush just liked your last Insta post. Sadly, the chances of running into your friends is limited at university as chances are you won’t be in the same classes or even be in the same building anymore.
  1. Having a sick day, just because…

As well as your parents no longer being able to write you a sick note, you can no longer have a day off uni just because you want to watch back to back episodes of Gossip Girl. The university curriculum moves a lot faster than your high school classes and usually you could rely on your friends to give you the notes from the day but at university there is so much material in each lecture that you will need to do all the catching up on your own.
  1. Not having to put an outfit together each day that is cool

You may have thought wearing a uniform was a drag but at least it was easy! Trying to put an outfit together for everyday of the week that is university/work appropriate is a lot of effort, it will take longer to get ready in the morning and you will soon have to wear stuff you’ve already worn before. (argghhh fashion fail)
  1. Starting at 8.30am and finishing at 3pm sharp

The clock is no longer your friend; you will be asking yourself why you didn’t appreciate those 3pm finishes more when you had them. Most office hours are 8.30pm – 5.30pm at least, plus you very rarely get out the door at that time when you’re in an office environment. University is much the same with long drawn out hours and study periods, you’re going to miss having the afternoon to yourself to catch up with friends or play sport.
  1. School holidays

Weren’t school holidays the best, full of sleep overs, shopping days and random adventures. Full time work means you will probably only get about two weeks a year off in total and you will have to spread those weeks out so you don’t burn out, granted you’ll be earning money but 6 weeks a year was much more enjoyable right!?


  1. Knowing everyone’s name in your year

Semesters fly at university and you will be passing hundreds of people each day in the halls, it will be impossible to know everyone’s name. At school you probably had classes with most people and even if they weren’t in your friendship group you would have known their names. Without you even noticing this would have given you a sense of security and safety, but now you are just a small fish in a very big pond. No doubt you will miss the familiarity of high school faces.
  1. Preparing for your formal

This is why there is so much emphasis on your formal because that night will only ever happen once. University will bring you a lot of life experience but dressing up like a princess or prince for a night is not one of them. Sure there will be parties, study groups and get togethers but unfortunately there will be nothing like getting a stretch limo with your besties and dancing the night away with your school crush.
  1. You’re going to miss your friends

Life gets crazy when you leave high school, everyone has their own path they have to follow now which may include travel, university, an apprenticeship or full time job. Friendships and relationships were easier to give time and effort too because you knew you would see your group every day, you guys had lunch routines, sat together in class and bonded over school assessments and sporting days. Now you will have to take time out of your schedules to see each other, or only be able to Facetime as some of you are travelling, these friendships will be harder to maintain because life will get busy and you will also begin to make new friends outside of your school group. Don’t stress, this is all part of growing up and the ones who were meant to stay in your life will, trust me.
Whichever end of school path you decide to take remember this is the time for growth, personal achievements and inner learnings. Leaving school isn’t the end of the world, it is however the ending of an era and you will take with you life long memories, friendships and be set up for the next stage of your life, adulting 101. Yep you’re going to miss the above points but life is about to get a hell of a lot more exciting, you have the freedom to be whatever and whoever you want so get out there and make an epic impression on the world! You got this!  
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